In my trading I use Metatrader4 platform. This is a set of tools I use most often in my daytrading and long term trading. If you have any problem with installation, leave a question in a comment.

Download and installation

I put all my trading tools in one package – you can download it here. It is compressed to a zip file, if you do not now how to open it, just google “how to unzip files on {your system}”. When you unzip file, you will find a folder structure which is the same as in Metatrader. You simply have to find your metatrader4 installation folder, open it and paste unzipped files.

Trading tools – overview

This is a short overview of tools you will find.

template pivot_points_week_month – this is a template with weekly and monthly pivot points. Most times I keep this open in a background to check it from time to time. Example:


template cammarilla – template with cammarilla lines on chart. Example:


template pivot_points_daily – template with daily pivot points. Example:


template gmma – chart with GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Averages), this one use nice moving averages in color which is a great visualization of current situation. Example:


template main_template – this is the template I use on daily basis. Example:


My settings

First of all, you can see that on chart there are simple moving averages. I use 33, 55, 100, 200 averages but sometimes I may add others. I do not look for averages cross, but I treat them as a support/resistance aresa.
We also have on chart CCI – it is usually set to 33 or 55 periods, median price.
MACD is a little different than standard built-in MACD in Metatrader4. In my opinion this one is better. I use settings 21, 33, 7 for my MACD.